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COVID-19: How GSA maintains EGNSS operations and security in challenging in tough times

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every businesses, organisations, individuals across the globe. The European GNSS Agency (GSA) has come out with a number of steps to make sure that services do not stop and EGNSS infrastructure remain secured, while keeping in mind the health and safety of employees and their contractors

The Czech Republic –based company is responsible for ensuring continuity of businesses and keeping EGNOS and Galileo secure and operational. This can be done through maintaining the health of the employees and partners, which its utmost priority. The agency has the experience of working in far of places with different EGNOS sites in Europe.

Currently, the agency while keeping the security of people in mind, is working on different scenarios in each country.

According to Acting Executive Director Pascal Claudel, GSA, “These are very challenging times for all of us, requiring us to be flexible and resourceful. I am proud of how the GSA teams across our different sites have quickly adapted to the new situation,” said GSA Acting Executive Director Pascal Claudel, as per website gsa.europa.eu.

“The spirit of solidarity and cooperation I experience every day has shown me that the GSA’s team is its core asset and a strong foundation upon which to build the future of the Agency,” he said. “The entire European GNSS family has pulled together, and the GSA can rely on the support and commitment of all our partners, including Member States, industry, and SMEs,” he added.