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COVID-19: HealthAlerts.io launched to map testing locations

Image: Newsscientist.com

The integrated communications agency Hot Tomali Communications and AmericanEHR have joined together to launch a website to help users to fight the COVID-19 in the US and Canada.  After clicking the site, viewers can find a set of verified COVID-19 testing locations that have been identified by volunteers. This will help testing location managers add or claim their profile to inform customers on hours, criteria and availability of COVID-19 testing. Viewers can find website at HealthAlerts.io. The test will allow viewers to submit testing locations and latest updates to crowdsource the test site information that is changing quite rapidly.

The HealthAlerts.io, will also help in connecting viewers to self-assessment tools that are based on their geographic location. Generally, the first step is to make assessment to find out the individual’s capability for testing. It is uite critical to make sure that users have access to the most trusted COVID-19 information . The HealthAlerts.io helps users to get latest health alert bulletins from WHO, HHS, CDC, FDA, Health Canada, among others.

Viewers do not need any personal data to access the Health Alerts COVID-19 Testing tool. They also have an option to create an account to submit reviews or manage testing location for COVID-19. In coming days, they may also download the same through Apple App Store and on Google Play

Thomas Stringham, Founder & CEO of Hot Tomali and AmericanEHR, said in a statement, “In light of the COVID-19 pandemic we made the call three weeks ago to build a tool to help fight this virus (our self-imposed version of the Defence Production Act).”

“We leveraged technology from previous projects (Pooch.pet and AmericanEHR Health Alerts) which allowed us to develop a solution really rapidly. This tool can help reduce the burden on frontline healthcare workers. This is how we flatten the curve,” he added.

The testing is very important in fight against COVID-19 pandemic. Serological tests have been introduced in order to  COVID-19 antibodies. This method will help people display immunity to return to work or shorten the social and economic lockdown restrictions that are affecting global economy.