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COVID-19: Enel X, HERE Technologies join hands to map mobility flows

Photo: LinkedIn

Enel X and HERE Technologies have joined hands to launch “City Analytics – Mobility Map” solution, which will help the Italy government with mobility indicators to monitor the impact on measures taken to control COVID-19 in the country. This technology will help to check the movement of the public in different areas of the country.

This solution is addition to the City Analytics suite that was earlier created by Enel X for government to assist in urban planning. The latest technology shows aggregated location data from connected vehicles’ navigation systems, sensors, governmental agencies and mobile applications.

The data processing generated for important indicators, such as change in the daily percentage in the number of trips in an area, variation in the daily percentage in distance  traveled, the proportion of incoming and outcoming day to day  trips and the proportion of incoming and outcoming trips on weekly basis.

As per Francesco Venturini, Head of Enel X, “The new release of City Analytics is an innovative tool developed to meet the needs of government agencies taking on the emergency.”

“Thanks to the collaboration with HERE Technologies we have provided the country with an effective solution for evaluating developments in mobility flows across the territory, which can be used to plan the recovery phase,” he added further.

Speaking about his company’s determination to fight COVID-19 Edzard Overbeek, CEO of HERE Technologies added, “HERE Technologies is determined to leverage its location intelligence in the fight against the global coronavirus pandemic. Together with Enel X, we hope to help the country contain and control the spread of the coronavirus while protecting the privacy of Italians.”

Apart from the government, public will also be able to go through the data on daily mobility flows through the dashboard on the Enel X website and help the local governments during the  challenging period in Italy.