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Course on GIS Applications in Forensics Get Popular

Canada: A Course being run by Simon Fraser University (SFU), Canada on ‘Major Crime and Forensic Analysis for Law Enforcement’ is getting a major attention. The popularity of this course is such that, there is a waiting period for students who are interested in enrolling into this course.

According to Ryan Prox, who is the adjunct professor, who teaches this course and who is also an inspector at Vancouver Police Department (VPD) – he interest is getting generated not only from Canada, but also from Europe as well.

Ryan Prox teaching his popular forensics class at SFU - Credits: vancouversun.com

The course provides an introduction to crime and intelligence analysis techniques used by law enforcement with hands-on exposure to ESR1 ArcMap (for GIS analysis) and IBM 12 Analyst Notebook (for network analysis) tools used by law enforcement.

SFU is the first university in North America to build and offer such a lab, which includes software such as the Esri with ArcGIS Spatial Statistics Tool.

Ran expressed that the current course structure limits its lab to the university because of the current software licensing structure at SFU. They said, they are planning to migrate to a clould based licensing structure, so that any registered student get access to the GIS software sitting anywhere in the world.

Source: vancouversun.com