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Courier service through A. Maze solution to optimize fleet

GEOCOMtms, architect of the A.MAZE technology that simultaneously optimizes the routing and scheduling of fleet operations, announced that Express Courier International (ECI) has chosen the A.MAZE solution. ECI will deploy the A.MAZE Solution to optimize their routes, decrease operation costs and support continued growth. From five drivers in a single location in 1984, Express Courier has grown to be a major local and regional courier with over 10,000 runs per day and locations throughout Tennessee and the surrounding areas.

Express Courier has parlayed promptness, dependability, professionalism and a proven know-how into rapid growth. The unique distributed-component architecture of the A.MAZE software was very important to us, because it will provide unlimited scalability as Express Courier continues to grow. It is important for us to work with customers who understand and who are committed to adopting best-of-class routing and scheduling technology through A.MAZE, to achieve sustained competitive advantage.