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County’s flood plain maps being updated

MADISON, USA – Work continues on a federal/state effort to update flood risk maps to better protect people and their property by more accurately depicting which places are likely to be underwater during major flooding.

“Modernizing maps will allow local governments to keep their communities safe by adjusting their development regulations to reflect new flood zone boundaries,” said Amanda Schwoegler, project manager for the Wisconsin DNR says. “Most importantly, property owners will have more accurate information on their risk of flooding so they can keep their families safe.”

The new maps will serve several purposes, says Meg Galloway, who leads the floodplain and dam safety programs for the Department of Natural Resources. Homes or businesses in a floodplain with a federally backed loan or federally insured loan must have flood insurance, almost always purchased through a federally-subsidized program that use floodplain maps to base premiums on increased or decreased risk of flooding. Maps are also used by local officials to make wise and responsible flood risk management decisions related to property development.

The DNR has been working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, to modernize floodplain maps in a number of Wisconsin counties. This work is part of a modernization effort mandated and paid for by the U.S. Congress and sponsored by FEMA.