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County offers residents interactive Indian point information website

NEW CITY, NY Rockland County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef has announced that an interactive mapping and information feature is now available on the Rockland County website. Residents can access the feature by logging onto www.rocklandgov.com and clicking on the “Indian Point Interactive Mapping” link.

The interactive mapping application is designed for Rockland County residents to find their location in relation to the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plants with easy-to-use search functions. The site shows the County’s 10-mile Indian Point Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ), which is divided into smaller sections called Emergency Response Planning Areas (ERPAs). Residents can use the application as a proactive planning tool to identify the ERPA in which they live, to review the suggested evacuation routes from specific ERPAs, to determine which Public Reception Centers are available to them, and to learn the locations of School Reception Centers. The site also provides information about the Emergency Alert System (EAS) broadcast stations in the Rockland listening area.

The application uses interactive Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping with different “layers” of data that can be viewed together. Users can search by address, street intersection, Property Identification Number (PIN) number, or tax map section/block/lot. Once an address is determined to be within the 10-mile Indian Point EPZ, users can obtain emergency planning information specific to that address. Residents can also view a listing of schools in the 10-mile EPZ and their corresponding School Reception Centre locations. The toolbar for the application enables users to manipulate the map by zooming in and out, panning, and even measuring the distance from their location to Indian Point. There is also a legend feature and an “identify” tool, which provides the names of features on the map, such as streams, simply by clicking on them.

The flexibility of the application has enabled other users to also benefit. For example, advanced features can be used for a variety of purposes, such as neighbour notification for pesticide application. A “buffer” or a specifically sized area around a piece of property can be identified so a mailing list can be created.

The “Indian Point Interactive Mapping” feature was created by Intelligent Decisions Systems Inc. (IDSi) of Fort Lee, NJ, in cooperation with the Rockland County Department of Planning and Office of Fire & Emergency Services. Funds were provided through utility assessment fees for radiological emergency planning activities.