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Countryside Agency adopts Getmapping’s Imagexpress WMS service

UK, 17 July 2006: The Countryside Agency has gained access to nation-wide aerial photography direct from Getmapping’s servers into their “LAR:Go” web mapping system. The Agency’s Landscape Access and Recreation division (LAR) has adopted Getmapping’s Imagexpress WMS service to serve aerial imagery to staff through their ESRI ArcIMS based web mapping system: “LAR:Go”.

The Agency purchased a licence for England-wide aerial photography in 2003 for use on the Open Access mapping project. The licence covers data from the first coverage of the Millennium Map as well as updates that are being provided on a continual basis from Getmapping’s programme to capture the next version of the Millennium Map.

Imagexpress WMS is Getmapping’s WMS offering, which is based upon the server technology. Imagexpress WMS is a commercially available WMS that is capable of serving multiple layers of national aerial image data straight onto desktop GIS or IMS, allowing users to integrate aerial imagery with their own geographic information. It is currently serving 1.5M images per month to our existing customers on a suite of new servers that have extremely impressive performance characteristics.

Imagexpress WMS can be provided as a added value service to existing licensees of Getmapping imagery, or as a “pay-as-you-use” service to customers who need access to national imagery on an occasional or piecemeal basis.