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Counting trees in Garden City

Bangalore, India: Bangalore city’s first ever tree census, ‘Project Vruksha’, is under way. The five-year endeavour is the initiative of a team of eight citizens and tree lovers. The ward-wise, street-wise census is conducted in such a way that the volunteers go to a particular street, identify the trees and their species, their exact location, their condition and measure the girth of each tree. This data is then mapped through GPS and is overlaid on Google Earth and placed on the portal.

The main purpose of the census is to know whether Bangalore is indeed a garden city. The 21-day study concluded that the ward had 3,000 trees and saplings. This data will be fed into a biodiversity website.

Vijay Babu S, the brain behind the census, is a computer science engineering student of BNMIT College, Belgaum, Karnataka. The other team members are Kiran Kumar V, Shariff S, Narayan, Ravi R, Jayan P and Joyraaj Chakroborthy. The census is an independent endeavour of the team and receives no financial help from anyone.

The idea was conceived by Vijay three years ago with the aim to bring in accountability in the collation of data and to bring people together to save trees, and make Bangalore green again. Vijay said that all the information obtained would be updated on the portal for everyone to see. The data would also be shared with the BBMP.

Source: DNA