Costa Rica to get maps detailing property information

Costa Rica to get maps detailing property information


Costa Rica: Costa Rica will soon get digital maps under the “Programme for Cadastre and Registration Regularisation.” The programme is expected to be completed by December 2012.

One of the main objectives of the programme is digital mapping and ortho-photography, including maps with images, which will be used as a basis for territorial cadastre. Currently, maps of Costa Rica measure around 20 per cent more than the actual available land.

The maps will enable users to view aerial photographs in the background (Google Earth style), terrain features and measure their land and buildings. They will also be able to examine informations related to electrical connections, whether their property is affected by a regulatory plan or not, and whether their property is located inside a state property area or not and any other information produced by organisations managing the national territory.

Other Projects:
National Territorial Information System (or SNIT) – It aims to compile and publish data on all institutions that produce land information. The data collected would then be included in the maps, for example, information from the National Emergency Commission (or CNE), and the municipalities’ regulatory plans. This information will cover the entire territory and be available on the web. The maps will be deposited with SIRI (or Land Registry Information System), where they will be administered by the National Register.