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Costa Rica, Chile, and Bahamas: Maporama continues to roll out its geographic coverage of Latin American and Caribbean Countries

Maporama, has announced the availability of detailed street level maps of Chile, Costa Rica, and Bahamas, reinforcing its on the market.

This latest extension of Maporama’s cartographic databases has been prepared with Geoscape International. The new coverage is totally integrated within Maporama Unified Database and thus available for use by all Maporama products; in particular by the company’s professional suite of products Maporama Enterprise Solutions and its development tool Maporama Application Programming Interface library.

“What Maporama is achieving now is extraordinary and absolutely unique in digital cartography – it makes available to every company or individual in the world the most complete cartography database ever. In today’s world where business operations are often international or even global, Maporama represents the only player on its market to
provide its customers with location-centric applications that can accompany their business virtually anywhere in the world.” says Laurent Vermot-Gauchy, Maporama’s CEO. Street level maps of Costa Rica, Chile, and the Bahamas are available
immediately to all Maporama’s customers as well as to Internet user at the company’s showcase website www.maporama.com