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CORDA technologies creates map to track SARS

As a public service, CORDA Technologies, Inc., a Lindon, Utah based developer of interactive data visualization solutions, is using the company’s OptiMapT and PopChartT technology to create a Web page with an up-to-date map displaying the worldwide occurrences and deaths due to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). CORDA furnishes the map with data gathered from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. The public can access the map free of charge from CORDA’s website at www.corda.com/go/sars.

The SARS map presents a map of the world, which displays data for each country affected by SARS. As visitors move their cursors over countries, pop up text appears with the number of cases reported. An accompanying graph shows SARS deaths by country. Visitors can also drill down into the United States map to view how many cases have been reported in each state. This information is automatically updated when the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization issue new reports.

The information contained in the SARS map is accessible to those who are visually impaired. Using patented technology, PopChart and OptiMap automatically generate text describing the charts, graphs, and maps. As the map is updated, the descriptive text is automatically updated as well. There is no requirement for manual text input. CORDA’s PopChart and OptiMap technology is designed to provide organizations or individuals with a tool that allows them to quickly and dynamically visualize every kind of data online. The company’s tools provide the basis for a growing number of executive dashboard applications. In addition to the SARS data, CORDA is providing as a public service a map called Troop Tracker that gives interested parties an up-to-date view of the Coalition troops currently based in Iraq.