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Converting Avenue to VB just got a whole lot easier

The CEDRA Corporation has announced the release of Avenue WrapsTM. A new publication comprised of more than 600 pages, Avenue Wraps offers detailed information describing the process of how Avenue code can be converted into Visual Basic or Visual Basic for Applications code. More than 250 of the most popular Avenue requests are presented in Avenue Wraps. No searching through the ArcObjects Developer Help, no scratching your head as to how to convert GetFTab into the appropriate ArcObjectsTM Property, or how to get the Legend for a Theme.

Discussing general Avenue to VB/VBA syntax differences, Views, Themes, Tables, Selection Sets, Graphic Elements, Querying, Calculating, File I/O operations, Message Boxes, User-Document interaction, Manipulation of Feature Shapes, Legends, Classifications and Application deployment, CEDRA Avenue Wraps contains numerous samples that will cut your conversion effort by more than 70%.