ControlCam, FotoNotes team up for property appraisal app

ControlCam, FotoNotes team up for property appraisal app


US: ControlCam, aerial imaging and GIS solutions company teamed up with FotoNotes, leader in mobile solutions in real estate to deliver mobile solutions for field inspections, assessments, and construction and installation projects.

Kamal Shah, Founder and CEO of FotoNote, said, “Combining ControlCam's aerial imaging solutions with FotoNotes mobile platform has allowed us to jointly deliver the best-in-industry solution for customers.”

The mobile property appraisal app enhances communication between management and personnel in the field using ControlCam aerial imagery and FotoNotes' configurable mobile platform. The ability to instantly transmit information from the office and field, at the same time utilizing aerial imagery, allows users to improve results through more effective communication, while dramatically reducing costs.

Personnel in the field can access their assigned work orders by logging into the FotoNotes mobile application on their device, view aerial images associated with each work order and add ground level photos.

ControlCam CEO David Freedman held, "We have been able to customize the FotoNotes platform so that it makes doing property field appraisals easy and efficient. Working together we have eliminated the need for paper forms, allowed for inclusion of ground and aerial images and best of all it does not require any special equipment for field personnel. All they need is a smart phone or tablet.”

Source: SysCon