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Contract announced for 3D digital map data in Italy

Intermap Technologies Corporation announced recently that its wholly owned subsidiary Intermap Technologies GmbH has received a new contract for its digital topographic mapping data totaling approximately US$235,000. Intermap, in conjunction with Air Data S.r.l. of Padua, Italy, reports that the two companies have received a contract to map 5,600 square kilometers of Regione Piemonte for the Istituto Geografico Militare (IGMI), the national mapping agency of Italy based in Firenze (Florence). Air Data is a mapping company, based in Padova, northern Italy. This project marks the initial step in Intermap’s efforts to eventually map all of Italy. IGMI will use the data to validate Intermap’s IFSAR mapping technology as a leading option to create a national digital terrain model (DTM) of the country. In addition, the data, which includes the city of Turin and the alpine areas to the west of Turin, will be used to support infrastructure and security operations at the 2006 Olympic Winter Games.