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Contract allows county to see through the trees

September 9, 2002 Intermap Technologies, Inc has announced that it has been awarded a contract to demonstrate it’s newly acquired technology that literally ‘sees through trees’. King County Department of Transportation, Renton Washington, awarded Intermap contract to demonstrate its proprietary foliage penetrating technology for terrain elevation mapping.

Intermap will be providing the County with a digital surface model, a digital terrain model and orthorectified radar imagery. Intermap will be using its proprietary X and P band interferometric radar technology for this work. The X-band system will provide the surface model while the vegetation penetration qualities of the P-band will give the terrain data.

Using its proprietary technology, Intermap is employed worldwide by governments and private industry to acquire data over large areas accurately, quickly, and economically. The Company uses this data to generate maps, terrain elevation data and orthorectified images in several highly automated production facilities.

Intermap is building a global database of digital elevation models. The Company’s maps are used in a wide range of applications including planning and engineering projects, in navigation systems, and to enrich satellite images.