Home News Continuous Deterioration of E. China’s Ocean Ecology : Survey

Continuous Deterioration of E. China’s Ocean Ecology : Survey

The ecology of coastal waters around east China’s Zhejiang province is constantly deteriorating, according to a survey issued by China’s State Oceanic Administration.

The survey shows that no coastal water in this area is of “excellent quality”. The nitrogen and phosphorus content far exceeds the country’s standards.

The offshore ecological balance in this province has been destroyed and the traditional fishing industry almost paralyzed. In addition, frequent outbreaks of red tide with organisms damaging or killing fish, have caused ongoing deterioration of the oceanic ecology in this coastal area.

According to statistics, from May to June 2000, there were seven red tide outbreaks, more occurrences than other coastal provinces in the country.

In May 2001 there were seven more red tides in the province. The most damaging affected 7,000 sq. km of the sea.

Yu Guohui, a research fellow with the No. 2 Oceanic Institute of the State Oceanic Administration, said that the deteriorating coastal waters and ocean should be attributed to excessive fishing, pollution by industrial waste water and the dumping of rubbish from some on-sea construction bases.

He also pointed out that to improve the coastal ecological situation, the government should increase its monitoring of ocean waters, set up an oceanic disaster prevention system, tighten up the ocean protection laws and make people aware of the importance of ecological protection.