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Consumers accepting location-based ads: Survey

US: Location-based advertising is quite acceptable to 78 percent of consumers, according to a survey by Marketing Research Services Inc. The survey was commissioned by NAVTEQ. It showed that most consumers welcome ads on their connected mobile devices when those ads are intelligent enough to know where the end-user is and can guide them to nearby retailers and offset the cost of other high-value content.

Acceptance has risen by 6 percent since a similar survey in November that measured how receptive consumers were to receiving location-intelligent LocationPoint ads to offset the cost of value-based content such as NAVTEQ Traffic.

The study also showed that at least 42 percent of respondents that were exposed to a brand recalled seeing that brand (aided and unaided). Thirty-one percent who reported seeing an ad on their device clicked on that ad for information to nearby locations. And up to 31 percent of consumers seeing a specific ad went on to visit a store location. More than half (53 percent) of those said they did so directly because of the ad. It took special offers and coupons, but 9 percent of respondents who visited a location because of seeing an ad said it was a first-time visit to that particular location.

Source: B/OSS