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Construction automation is the future, says Ray O’Connor

Rotterdam: “The landscape and business direction of the geospatial market is changing but are we changing along with it?” That was the question from Ray O’Connor, President & CEO, Topcon Positioning Systems, USA, that set the stage for the opening plenary session of the Geospatial World Forum 2013 here on Tuesday. The business direction of geospatial industry is towards construction automation and we have to turn this process into reality, he added.

Identifying construction and agriculture as two of the biggest manufacturing sectors in the world which have huge funds at their disposal and yet are the least automated, O’ Connor said these sectors have equally great potential to exploit the benefits offered by geospatial technology. The challenge is to effectively apply this technology across mainstream workflows. Machine control adoption rate is 20-30% in the developed countries like the United States, but in emerging markets like China, which is where around 40% of the world’s construction is taking place, the adoption rate is still a dismal 5% or even lower.

O’ Connor said cloud, big data and mobile are the new areas and geospatial technology must move towards these to take the advantage of working in an extremely data-rich environment in real time. The key to success is how we translate our data, location, access or precision to how well and how accurately we do the work.

Source: Our Correspondent