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Conservationists to develop Labrador’s eco-map

Labrador, Canada: Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is leading a three-year project to draft a comprehensive eco map or blueprint for Labrador that could help in the region’s conservation efforts. The private non-profit group has partnered with individuals, corporations, governments and other non-profit organisations to conserve more than one million hectares of “ecologically significant” land.

Cutting-edge GIS technologies are being used for the mapping project. NCC conservation planner Lindsay Notzl hopes that technology will help create a final product by early next year that”s an interactive document on Labrador ecology.

“If it”s ecologically relevant, we”ve mapped it,” she said. “One of the most useful products I think will be the human footprint index where people can actually start to look at what the picture looks like now and then potentially use that information to forecast into the future,” she added.

“What we”re producing is not a silver bullet map — you know, these are the areas of high conservation value that are no-go zones. We”re looking at what are the different options for conservation and development, given the variety of goals,” she noted.

Notzl described the survey as a collaborative bid to provide information that was previously inaccessible or hard to find and offer it as a guide for future decisions.

The USD 500,000 project has been funded by the provincial government, NCC, private foundations and Mountain Equipment Co-op, the only source of “industry” funding, Notzl said.

Source: ctvnews