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Conservation of water resources using ERDAS IMAGINE

US: The Ministry of Water Resources of the People’s Republic of China announced a project that uses ERDAS IMAGINE to facilitate conserving and protecting China’s water resources. Experts at the Ministry recognised that they can employ remote sensing technology to improve the efficiency and accuracy of monitoring of water. And after evaluating couple of products, the ministry finally selected ERDAS IMAGINE, showcased by Beijing Digital LandView, ERDAS reseller in China.

The geographical area of the project included the Huai, Song-Liao and Zhujiang river basins and the Taihu Lake. The Ministry and 18 of its provincial monitoring stations used ERDAS IMAGINE to analyse a digital elevation model (DEM) of the area and classify the structure of the rock, soil, vegetation and land use in the project area.

They used the ERDAS IMAGINE Model Maker to obtain the soil erosion factors in the images. ERDAS IMAGINE Knowledge Engineer enabled them to automate the process followed to evaluate the DEM, vegetation type and soil erosion factor to determine the water quality and degree of soil erosion.

“ERDAS IMAGINE’s powerful tools met all of the remote sensing needs in this project,” said Jane Wu, General Manager of Beijing Digital LandView. “It has been incredibly valuable to the government’s Ministry of Water Resources, providing a successful return on the government’s investment.”

Source: ERDAS