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Connecticut water authority selects Haestad Methods

The South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (RWA) has selected Haestad Methods’ GIS-based water resources modeling solution, transient analysis software, and ClientCare services. The technology will be used to help maintain more than 1,500 miles of water mains serviced by the utility in the greater New Haven area.

The agreement entitles RWA to multiple licenses of Haestad Methods’ WaterGEMS- Geographic Engineering Modeling System, HAMMER transient analysis software, and ClientCare maintenance and technical support program. WaterGEMS will provide the water utility with a complete GIS solution for modeling, managing, and protecting its drinking water infrastructure. HAMMER will be used to protect RWA’s 28 pumping stations and water mains from water hammer damage as well as the thousands of water distribution pipes in connected pressure zones.

As a ClientCare subscriber, RWA is expected to enjoy 24-hour technical assistance, high-quality maintenance, and easy-to-use support tools. This comprehensive program, in addition, offers full-version upgrades and updates of Haestad Methods’ software solutions, access to the online Knowledge Base of Frequently Asked Questions, as well as special pricing for new products and training.

As part of the ClientCare program, Haestad Methods technical experts will help RWA develop, utilize, and manage the utility’s water resources models. Initially this service will encompass three separate phases for extracting, transforming, and loading the utility’s data into the water distribution models. Once the data is loaded, RWA will be able to leverage the power of WaterGEMS’ whose other features include:

· Skelebrator for automated skeletonization of hydraulic models

· LoadBuilder for automatic demand allocation

· TRex for automated terrain elevation extraction

· WaterObjects, an object-oriented application Software Development Kit (SDK), for building, accessing, and modifying model databases to suit application-specific needs

· GeoGrapher for advanced graphing capabilities

· Darwin Calibrator for obtaining accurate calibration for water distribution network simulation

· Darwin Designer for unprecedented design optimization

· WaterSAFE for managing and safeguarding water distribution systems