GeoWrap: Connected car revenues to near $50bn by 2022; laser scanners to...

GeoWrap: Connected car revenues to near $50bn by 2022; laser scanners to mend broken city sidewalks and more


Consumer connected car revenues to near $50bn by 2022: Report

US: A new report from Juniper Research has revealed that, by 2022, 50% of consumer vehicles on the road will have at least one connectivity service, such as telematics, V2X (vehicle-to-everything) communications, or connected car commerce services…(Read more)

UNG to add new geospatial technology programs through grant

US: University of North Georgia students should gain more opportunities in the growing field of geospatial technology through a new 3-year $609,739 National Science Foundation grant designed to start two new programs on the Gainesville campus…(Read more)

Nelson’s mountain biking trails get Google Streetview treatment

New Zealand: New Zealand-based Nelson Mountain Bike Club (NMTBC) in association with Google Streetview is treading new ground to showcase the riding and walking tracks of the Nelson region…(Read more)

Australia to invest $500 million on project to improve space intelligence

Australia: The Australian government has announced to invest $500 million to develop its Defence Project 799 to improve its space intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities. The project will support Australian Defense Force operations at home and around the world…(Read more)

US-city engineers to apply laser scanners to mend broken city sidewalks

US: To mend broken sidewalks and repair the ones that are in poor condition, the Kingston city engineers are planning to map the city sidewalks using laser scanners that can quickly collect the data the city needs. Kingston is a city in New York, United States…(Read more)


State Spatial Data Infrastructures in India – Challenges and Recommendations

A two-day workshop on State Spatial data infrastructures (SSDI) was organized in Bengaluru, India during 8-9 June, 2017. The aim was to draw a roadmap for the future. The workshop was co-organized by…(Read more)

Autonomous Cars are a passé. Let’s talk about Autonomous Trains!

Autonomous Trains

The world is talking about autonomous vehicles – and to be specific, about autonomous cars. However, there is another vehicle that is soon expected to disrupt the transportation industry like no other – Autonomous Trains!…(Read more)


NASA explains why Greenland glaciers are melting so fast

NASA maps show how fast the Greenland glaciers are thinning and retreating right at the edge. OMG-Oceans Melting Greenland, A 5-year airborne and ship-based mission by NASA. To keep track of Greenland glacier…(See here)

Keynote address by Ola Rollén at HxGN Live in Las Vegas

Ola Rollén at HxGN Live in Las Vegas

Missed Ola Rollen keynote address by Ola Rollén at HxGN Live in Las Vegas?  Don’t worry we have brought it here for you…(See here)