Connect Maps app to aid in road maintenance

Connect Maps app to aid in road maintenance


Australia: Connect Maps application, developed by Esri Australia, will be used by government agency VicRoads to maintain roads. Connect Maps is an online platform for spatial data capture, integration, presentation and management.

Connect Maps will provide support to VicRoads’ existing location intelligence infrastructure, by providing users with access to maps and spatial data, to support the development and approval of VicRoads programme of road maintenance works and network upgrades.

Esri Australia Project Manager, Peter Houwen, said, “Applications like Google Maps are very good for consumers but our offering is aimed at the enterprise to help with location information in their business data.”

Connect Maps will initially have 500 users, and will be targeted towards staff involved in the bid management process, Houwen said. “The expectation is that over time, everyone at Vic Roads will use it,” he said. “Eventually it will be a spatial front end to a number of their business systems.”

Connect Maps will go live on December 7, 2010.

Source: Techworld