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Congress goes high-tech for better coordination

Bangalore: The Congress party is resorting to technology to improve the channel of communication among the party’s functionaries. In this regard, the party launched Management Information System, a digital data bank and distributed Radio Frequency Identity (RFID) cards to its leaders.

G Parameshwar, president of the KPCC, said these initiatives were launched for the first time in the country. “Through this, we will be able to cut down on expenditure and increase efficiency of the party workers through leaders,” he explained.

Computerised data bank will include information related to partyworkers and office bearers. This would help organise and co-ordinate workers and programmes. RFID swipe card will contain the name and address of the party leader, which helps to streamline the process of reaching out to people. These ID cards will be issued to block-, booth-, ward- and panchayat-level presidents.

“There are about 500 block presidents, more than 46,000 booth presidents and about 10,000 ward- and panchayat-level presidents. With the help of the card, they can access computerised data bank and get to know of various programmes related to the party,” Parameshwar said.

Source: DNA