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Conference Report: GeoBIM crossing boundaries

The 2nd edition of GeoBIM Europe, successfully held on 10-11 December 2015 in Amsterdam, demonstrated application of geoBIM, not only in the building/infrastructure design, construction, operation and maintenance phase, but includes its potential use in other disciplines such as environmental protection, urban development, gaming and geology.

Opening the conference, Rob van de Velde, Director at Geonovum, emphasized on the importance of learning-by-doing strategy in geoBIM implementation. With geoBIM acting as the common language, many different solutions can be created. This was demonstrated by Sanne Hettinga, PhD Student at VU Amsterdam, who shared her PhD thesis on creating a smart and efficient housing insulation using geoBIM.

Friso Penninga, Senior Advisor Geo-information of Municipality of The Hague, followed to share the ambitious goal of the Municipality to have a 3D model with integrated analytical capabilities, such as noise modelling, air quality assessment, shadow analysis, etc, which is accessible to public by 2024. Seamless integration of 3D plans in the 3D GIS model requires geoBIM.

Jon Fingland, Business Unit Director at Trimble Buildings delivered an excellent talk on how geoBIM is one of the enablers to transform construction industry. “Louis Vuitton Foundation building and birds nest (Beijing National Stadium) could never had been done without technology and the enablers,” he says.

The 2nd GeoBIM Europe featured 50 speakers in the course of 2 days, discussing integration of geospatial and BIM in smart cities, underground infrastructure, facilities management, and existing buildings; technology integration issues such as 3D visualizations, open standards and semantic web; as well as social aspects of its adoption, including legal issues, RoI for SMEs and education.

The conference was attended by 154 delegates from 18 countries, representing 98 organizations ranging from construction and engineering companies, consultant firms, academic and research bodies, policy makers, building owners, facility managers, and others.

GeoBIM Europe 2015 was jointly-organized by Geospatial Media and Communications and Geonovum, supported by 20 international partners. The 3rd edition was announced to be scheduled on 22-23 November 2016 in Amsterdam.

Read full report of the event at www.geo-bim.org/Europe