Conference on disaster management using GIS organised

Conference on disaster management using GIS organised


Rwanda: The Institute of Lay Adventist (INILAK) on July 29, 2014 hosted an International conference on the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) which will provide strategies to curb natural disasters that are affecting Rwanda.

According to the Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs (MIDMAR), the house, crops and properties that were destroyed by natural disasters since 2012 are worth Rwf52 billion. Antoine Ruvebana the Permanent Secretary of MIDIMAR, Rwanda suggested that the country needs to learn more about geospatial technology and use of geographical information system to arrest the effects of natural disasters.

“If we know the steepness of a certain mountain, the makeup of the land and the rain that falls there, we can know if there will be landslides, flooding and we prepare accordingly,” he said. While the delegates agreed that the availability of technology was not the issue, lack of experts to implement and comprehend the data has been a major hindrance in the uptake of geospatial technology.

Source: Progress Rwanda