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Conference on Cartography for tourist : A Report

Russia – A scientific conference “Cartography for tourist” took place in St-Petersburg inside the halls of the Russian Geographic Society on September 21-24. Representatives of ScanEx R&D Center and NGO Transparent World took the floor at the conference with their reports.

The conference, established by the International Cartographic Association together with the Russian Geographic Society, Institute of Geography of the Russsian Academy of Sciences and St-Petersburg State University, became a notable event in sphere of tourism mapping. The conference was broadly attended, in warm and open atmosphere. The participants shared their achievements, demonstrated diverse approaches to mapping tourist objects.

Nowadays no type of tourism can do without using map products. Even a new term appeared –“a tourist map” – meaning a map, created in support of recreation and cognitive needs of the population.

Space imagery is an irreplaceable source of up-to-date, independent and trustworthy information and if it is about large territories – the only information source available. “Advanced” tourists, preparing for a trip, now may easily order an image from archives or request new imaging of an area of interest and get the image of up to 1 m reolution, without rubbing the Aladdin lamp. The possibilities of modern B2C (Business-to-Customers) geoportals, with the first domestic ones such as Kosmosnimki.ru and Yandex.maps, enable to almost immediately get true data for in- situ routing.

Within the frames of the conference “ Cartography for tourist” a contest “the Best tourist map of Russia” took place in six nominations. “Transparent World” demonstrated a unique tourist guides, based on satellite imagery: Through the nature parks and sanctuaries of Moscow (2008), Crossing Khibiny mountains tundra using space images as a guide (2008), «Crossing the Meschera rivers and lakes with space images» (2005). In two nominations our tourist guidebooks were runners-up.