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Conference explores potential of geomarketing in retail sector

Germany: GfK GeoMarketing’s ‘Point of Sale 2012’ conference on geomarketing in the retail sector concluded in Hamburg, Germany. The company claimed that the conference underscored the hunger for innovation.

According to GfK GeoMarketing’s press statement, approximately 40 participants from well-known German retail companies travelled to Hamburg to learn more about geomarketing applications in retail as well as important new retail trends. This marked GfK GeoMarketing’s second ‘Point of Sales’ conference this year. The two ‘Point of Sales’ conferences in 2012 drew a total of approximately 80 participants to Hamburg and Cologne, Germany.

“The tremendous response to our conferences on geomarketing in the retail sector demonstrates that this branch is ready and willing to innovate,” explained Oliver Giehsel, retail expert at GfK GeoMarketing and moderator of the event. “Plans for additional conferences are already under way. The large number of participants from top German retail companies as well as the numerous questions raised show that Germany’s retail sector fully appreciates the benefits and competitive advantage offered by a geomarketing approach. Geomarketing – i.e. the evaluation and analysis of the geographic component of company and market data – minimises risk and promotes sustainable success, from expansion planning to the optimization of an existing branch network or product line.”

At the conferences, GfK GeoMarketing’s experts demonstrated how regional market and sales information can serve as a decision-making basis for retailers and discussed the specific advantages offered by geomarketing in expansion and location planning, branch-network optimization and marketing.

Some of the topics explored at this year’s conferences included the potential synergies of the verticalisation of the retail sector and the growth of online shopping, methods of identifying a location’s success factors and using this information to determine turnover potential for new locations and tips for clearing the many hurdles associated with a company expansion.

Source: GfK GeoMarketing