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COMSTE Philippines identifies projects for 2011

Manila, Philippines: Senator Edgardo J. Angara, Chair of the Congressional Commission on Science and Technology and Engineering (COMSTE), and Representative Joseph Emilio Abaya, COMSTE co-chair, identified the priority projects of COMSTE for 2011 which include Telemedicine, Remote-Sensing for Agriculture, Electronic Vehicles and Green Transport and Disaster Science.

Recognising the significance of information and communications technology (ICT), Angara and Abaya renewed its commitment to further revolutionise the delivery of basic health services to remote areas throughout the country through telemedicine which allows physicians to perform remote diagnosis of patients from far-flung areas underserved by traditional medical care.

He added that besides improving basic health care services in remote areas, telemedicine will create the foundation for digital medical records. By collecting data from patients all over the country, transitioning to a digital medical record system will become easier.

Meanwhile, in his effort to improve the country’s agriculture system, Angara is pushing for the implementation of Remote-Sensing for Agriculture Project, which utilises ICT to provide farmers with the latest market data on agriculture.

“Competitive agriculture means efficiently growing high value crops, using remote sensing to anticipate heavy rains or drought, understanding the effects of climate change and pollution on productivity, and having an integrated view of the logistics of produce delivery to the market,” he said.

The Disaster Science Project, on the other hand, aims to upgrade the current capabilities of government to forecast weather and send out reliable warnings in case of possible disastrous events, and aid in the rehabilitation work post such events.

Source: PIA