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Computerized cable system for Brunei

Recently, the Brunei Telecoms Department (JTB) hosted a signing ceremony for the award of a computerized cable management system project. The computer cable management system project named DESIGNS, was awarded to Siemens Pte Ltd (Brunei) and is aimed at the development of an efficient and flexible “Outside Plant Management System” to administer the expanding demand for telephone services within the sultanate. It was hoped that the project would enhance JTB’s existing “Network Plant Equipment Records System” into a seamless geographically-based system to achieve optimal planning design implementation, control documentation operation and maintenance of its “Outside Line Plant” infrastructure.

The GIS will contain real-time graphical and textual data gathered from actual surveys, depicting mainly the entire layout of JTB’s Outside Line Plant network covering all four districts in the country. The DESIGNS system is aimed at largely supporting various user groups from the different sections of JTB. The target users are Telecommunications Engineers, System/Network Administrators, Data Entry Operators, Technical Officers and Front Desk personnel. The system is expected to be fully operational by September 2005.

In the realization of the project, Siemens will be responsible for the overall implementation of the turnkey project, thereby covering the conduct of external surveys to verify JTB’s existing or developing infrastructure and the development and integration of the core application system. It will also responsible for the provision and installation of JTB’s hardware/peripherals and software licences required; preparation and accuracy of graphic and non-graphic data for data entry: the transfer of technical know-how through in-house training; and the provision of after-sales support.

The DESIGNS project is regarded as a significant contribution from JTB in the interest of continuously providing quality service to the public and in helping to pave the way towards means of sustainable development. The project would also help realise one of the goals of the Ministry of Communication, which is to develop a globally competitive information & communications technology.