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Computerised database on natural resources of Indian state

The Haryana State Remote Sensing Application Centre (HARSAC) at Hisar has launched a project—-National Natural Resources Information System (NRIS)– in 17 districts of the State which involves creation of a computerised spatial database on the natural resources like land use, land cover, soil, ground water potential, ground water quality and their integration with the socio-economic data.

According to an official note, action plans for sustainable land use of Bhiwani and Gurgaon districts had already been prepared under the project. Similar databases were being prepared for each district and these would be provided to each district headquarters with all hardware and software to act as an important decision support system for district level planning by various agencies.

It also proposes to develop a high-resolution digital database on natural resources at the block level during 2004-05. Key problems being faced by the blocks in natural resources would be tackled by using Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing Techniques. And a Resource Atlas of Haryana containing information of key resources alongwith socio-economic maps utilising Census 2001 is nearing completion, the note added.

Source : The Hindu