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ComputaMaps launches new website

Cape Town – November 14, 2008 – ComputaMaps, a leading geodata manufacturer and supplier for the telecommunications industry, today announced its new, redesigned corporate website at https://www.computamaps.com, enabling customers and prospects to more easily search for and access information on the company, its products and services.

The site has a new look and feel to represent the brand online and features improved navigation and enhanced usability. It brings computamaps.com in line with current web standards and adds new content and features.

In a next phase, ComputaMaps will add an improved and easy-to-use geodata catalog, allowing customers to use a web browser for searching available data from the company’s extensive geodata archive. ComputaMaps hosts terabytes of off-the-shelf geodata, covering 2,822 cities and 197 countries. This spatial database includes satellite images, digital terrain models, maps, and vector databases. The upcoming geodata catalog will be based on the familiar Google© Maps platform.

“Since 1999, ComputaMaps has been focussed on the creation of value added geodata products for technical and engineering applications, including wireless telecommunications planning, flight safety, and urban visualization. As the resolution and availability of satellite and aerial imagery has improved over time, the level of detail and global coverage we offer has increased significantly. Our product portfolio has consequently broadened into other industries, and we have expanded our worldwide presence by opening several international sales offices. Our new website has been launched to support these activities, and to offer our existing customers a direct portal to our products and services,” said George de Greef, President & Director Technology of ComputaMaps.

The new site was designed and built by imucus, a German based marketing and media agency dedicated to geomatic companies operating worldwide: