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Comprehensive Video on GIS to present an unbiased look at many uses of GIS around the world

July 25, 2002:The Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA) has announced that The National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA), Columbia, SC, has agreed to provide a satellite feed of The World in a Box television program to its public-broadcasting licensees in August 2002. NETA is a non-profit organisation with 89 members representing 93 public broadcasting licensees in 40 states. The World in a Box television program, produced in 2001 by the award-winning documentary team of Victoria Eubanks and Cal Lewin, provides a comprehensive look at geographic information systems (GIS), taking the viewer around the world to visit state-of-the-art GIS installations and the people who use them. GITA helped fund the production of the program.

The stories depicted in the program dramatize the benefits of GIS and explain its basic concepts to a lay audience. Featured stories include how the United Nations is using GIS to prevent famine in Africa; how GIS helps resolve conflict between developers and environmentalists in the Pacific Northwest; and how the technology is used to manage the largest seaport in the world. The program also shows how GIS helps deliver utility and community services more efficiently, produce better crops, save lives in time of disaster, and end the cycle of urban youth violence.