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Euroconsult and RKF partner on satellite services and more

A new partnership agreement between Euroconsult Group and RKF Engineering Solutions strives to combine strategic and operational consulting and research services with engineering solutions for communication networks and satellite systems. Because both parties rely on the services portfolio of the other, they can bring added value to government and private sector clients alike.

Image Courtesy: RKF Engineering

Like-minded  companies

Euroconsult Group is an international consulting firm specialized in high technology industries. Their expertise lies in the space industry, satellite-based applications, aero connectivity, information and data services. Its consulting services include market, policy, financial, regulatory and technical assessments, as well as satellite procurement support, construction monitoring and operations support. The Group includes Euroconsult and technical engineering firm Satconsult and is headquartered in France, with offices in the U.S.A., Canada, Japan and Singapore.

Image Courtesy: Euroconsult

RKF Engineering Solutions is active in regulatory service and support, spectrum management, system engineering, and modeling and simulation for complex networks. RKF is a systems engineering, regulatory support and development company. They specialize in satellite communications (SATCOM), as well as high altitude platform/drone and terrestrial communications systems for government and commercial clients. Logically, it is devoted to finding innovative engineering solutions for communication networks and satellite systems using their regulatory expertise, system engineering design capabilities and custom tools. RKF Engineering Solutions is based in Bethesda, MD, U.S.A.

A powerful combination

In a joint press release, little was revealed on the content of future collaborations. “The Euroconsult-RKF partnership is a powerful combination. We believe that the complementarity of the two entities will bring greater value to future clients. Through our combined resources, experience and expertise, we will be best positioned to satisfy the most demanding government and private sector clients and help generate leading programs and products,” said Pacôme Révillon, President of Euroconsult Group. “We look forward to a successful collaboration with RKF.”

One team on key missions

David Marshack, Managing Director and COO of RKF Engineering Solutions, is quoted as saying: “This collaborative arrangement between our two like-minded companies will strengthen our ability to serve our clients and bring them enhanced levels of service. Working as one team on key missions, this partnership will allow us to drive more technical and business impact for our clients,” Customers across-the-board will benefit from this partnership; we are excited for things to get underway.”