CompassData and EVC form new partnership

CompassData and EVC form new partnership


US: East View Cartographic (EVC) has signed a new partnership with CompassData, Inc. and their extensive Ground Control Point (GCP) archive. CompassData maintains the largest commercially available GCP archive in the world with over 13,000 points available.  If it is not available in archive, EVC can arrange for collection of new GCP’s.  

This partnership with CompassData extends EVC’s effort to bring the right collection of geospatial assets together resulting in high quality, cost-effective and authoritative solutions for our customers.

By using standardised, industry-accepted processes for collection and analysis, CompassData can deliver concise and user-friendly data in a timely manner to EVC. For convenience, each GPS coordinate is delivered along with supporting digital photographs and field sketches.

In a paper, EVC has also revealed that it has created a full-vector map product which meets the quality and standards of the 1:250,000 scale VMAP1 product.  The database structure and naming conventions are identical to VMAP1.  This vector product is produced from best-available (as of 2008) topographic maps at appropriate scale.  Most of the data includes updates from recent medium-resolution satellite imagery.

All feature names and attributes are in English, and any text from foreign alphabets has been written in Roman script. The thematic data layers include all features typically found on a topographic map, including geographical feature names. The data is available in ESRI Shp format.  Other formats are available upon request.

EVC is also offering the LandScanTM Global Population Database developed by the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). The dataset comprises a worldwide population database compiled on a 30″ X 30″ latitude/longitude grid.

The LandScanTM dataset covers the entire globe, excluding Antarctica. This dataset is being offered in two formats: ESRI Grid format and Raster binary format.

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