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CompassCom Software and ISEE Universal form alliance, to cooperatively build integrated product this year

San Diego, USA, 9 August 2006: At the ESRI International Users Conference, CompassCom Software Corporation and ISEE Corp. Universal, Inc. (“ISEE”) announced they have joined forces in a strategic relationship to offer their combined technologies and services to provide customers with a comprehensive Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDRV) solution.

CompassCom and ISEE are cooperatively building an integrated product, due for release later this year. Effective immediately CompassCom and ISEE products will be jointly marketed and sold as a package that includes software license, hardware and associated services. The package will be one of the first integrated solutions for real-time AVL working in coordination with mobile video surveillance.

The combination of real-time GPS enabled AVL and digital video imagery offers security, school transportation, transit and public safety organizations a real-time operational picture. CompassCom’s software utilizes ESRI GIS data formats as the backdrop for vehicle location to enhance the visualization, display and analysis of vehicle location and status. The combination of the geospatial data and mobile digital images from ISEE will enable fleet managers, administrators and commanders to make better decision for their organizations.

“The alliance with CompassCom allows us to quickly deliver a complete vehicle security and tracking system that includes real-time video and audio, real-time vehicle location, and the ability to store and display this information for later analysis.” Mr. Allison went on to say “Through this alliance, we will provide unrivaled features in a end-to-end solution that meets the performance, reliability, and budget demands of customers as
diverse as schools to public safety to delivery services.”

The combined offering will be marketed to Public Safety, School Transportation, Transit, Security and wherever customers want to track vehicles and have a digital record of any incidents. The combination of AVL and Digital Video will give a new level of comfort for management as they strive to provide systems that improve accountability to citizens and customers.

CompassCom has an 11 year history of providing AVL solutions to Government and Commercial customers in support of Public Safety, Public Works, Utilities and Commercial Fleets. “The integration of digital video and AVL is a natural next step in providing a more complete operational picture”, said W. Brant Howard, CEO of CompassCom Software. ” We are excited about the association with ISEE and their high performance digital recording technology.”

ISEE is an industry leader in mobile digital video and audio recording solutions. The Company’s M3 series recorder captures and stores up to four video and audio inputs, along with GPS data, vehicle status, and alarm indicators, all in a unit that is the approximate size of a car AM/FM radio. The system supports wireless downloads of live and recorded data, LAN connectivity, and direct connection to a video monitor. “ISEE has realized significant sales this year, and we have a growing base of delighted customers,” said Mr. Gary Allison, CEO of ISEE Corp.