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CompassCom AVL used by Florida Keys Mosquito Control District

The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District (FKMCD) has contracted AT&T Wireless business partner CompassCom Inc. to provide Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technology and GIS mapping support for a major mosquito control program. FKMCD purchased CompassTrac, the mobile positioning and fleet tracking component, and CompassFDE the universal AVL server, from the CompassCom suite of products. Central to this program’s , the CompassCom AVL solution is being used to monitor the locations of insecticide spraying vehicles. Amid concerns over West Nile Virus and other mosquito-borne diseases, FKMCD has equipped two helicopters, two airplanes and 71 field trucks with insecticide spray devices. To run an effective mosquito control program, FKMCD must track where each vehicle is located, what insecticide is being dispersed and where the disbursement has occurred.

The CompassCom suite of GPS-based AVL products will accomplish this by monitoring the locations, heading, speed and insecticide applications of all mobile assets in real time. This information is displayed on a computer map screen at FKMCD headquarters in Key West, Fla., where dispatchers follow the progress remotely and radio instructions to personnel as necessary to ensure that all target areas receive the prescribed amount of insecticide. The CompassCom AVL solution produces a variety of useful fleet reports, including a “Stop Logs” report to show where vehicles traveled and the stops made along the way. The “Discreet Report” shows when vehicles were in the field, how long they were in the field and the types of work completed. FKMCD uses this for replaying the day’s events. The agency may also run queries against the database for historical fleet analysis. These fleet reports include mileage, speed, number and length of stops, and insecticide spray statistics. The historical report not only clearly demonstrates the spraying activity over a period of time, but also provides information useful for cost analysis.