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Compaq, Autodesk ex-MDs take a byte of Magnasoft

Expected a tech startup from Abhishek Mukherjee and S. Sridhar, former MDs of Compaq Computer and Autodesk India? Although you had every reason to anticipate something like that, this time you scored no marks.

Instead of a startup, Mukherjee and Sridhar have picked up stakes in Magnasoft Consulting, floated by Global Technology Ventures to provide customised solutions and applications in the area of spatial information across software platforms and devices. Mukherjee has taken over as chairman & CEO of the company while Sridhar will function as vice-chairman and MD.

Announcing this to the media here on Thursday, Mukherjee said there is an increasing demand for exploiting spatial information for effective management across enterprises in various verticals. “Magnasoft is dedicated to bridging the gap between conventional GIS information and its use for development of GIS applications for enterprise-wide migration.”

Magnasoft focuses on developing GIS/GPS applications to make location-based information available over any device. It also offers consulting, enterprise integration, application development, data conversion and data capture.

Globally, the GIS application segment is pegged at $20 billion, covering areas like telecom, power, logistics, transportation and government.

Sridhar said the key responsibility of the management will be to establish Magnasoft as a leading provider of GIS/GPS solutions from India in the next three years.