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Company from Rio de Janeiro develops system to national satellites

Hundreds of monitors completely covering a wall, phones with headsets and a state of tension in the air. If these are the first images that pop into your mind when thinking about people who work with space programs, you could be very surprised by visiting the headquarters of AMS Kepler. Located in an office in Cascais, the system engineering company has a similar climate to other corporate environments.

Consisting of 18 employees, the organization works on Barra from the outset, in 1998, and, according to the partners, is the only one in Latin America to develop systems for satellites. The two largest projects are carried out for the Brazilian Space Program: CBERS 4, a software developed by the government in partnership with China, expected to be launched into space by the end of this year; and Amazon I, the first 100% national satellite, which will be used by Inpe in environmental monitoring within the country and should be operating by 2015.

“Amazonia- 1 will have a camera with a resolution of 40 meters (as if the machine were this close to the ground), that makes a full scan of the Earth every five days; and another with a ten meters resolution, which needs 30 days to do the same. It was up to our team to develop the systems of this satellite”, says Frederico Liporace, electronics engineer and one of three partners of the company.

Liporace explains that images are also useful for companies in the oil sector and for conducting preliminary studies to monitor big works. “The satellite is a great camera that records movements very accurately. Here we need to match these images with those made by Google Earth.”

The other partner, the cartographer Antonio Machado e Silva, says the project is so specific that there is no proper training to work in the area. “It”s the mix of a systems analyst with a cartographer. We hire one of the experts and prepare him to deal with the other skills”, he says.

Source: O Globo