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Communal councils will be trained to interpret images Satellite Miranda

Caracas, 1/13/2015-In a transmission made by the Venezuelan television from China, the Executive Director of the Bolivarian Agency for Space Activities (Abae), Mariano Imbert, gave statements about the courses oriented to several communal councils in the country, for the interpretation of satellite images Miranda.

"We are working with some courses oriented communities, in fact we already have some of the communal councils who requested satellite imagery Miranda," he said.

On the other hand emphasized that this training will be strengthened directly with the communal councils with other users, "are not currently tight, but has great potential for communal development and the development of new cities that are displayed in the Venezuelan state," he said.

It should be noted that in the last 6 January, representatives of Abae, traveled to China to start work on the third satellite program the VRSS-2 "Antonio José de Sucre".

The Satellite Miranda (VRSS-1) or Venezuelan Remote Sensing Satellite (VRSS-1) is the first satellite of Earth observation of Venezuela. Your goal is to collect high-resolution images of Venezuelan territory. Was launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in China on 28 September 2012. It has high-resolution cameras (PMC) and wide scan (WMC) that allow the development of cartographic maps. It is also scheduled to make assessments of agricultural soils, crops agricultural production. In the environmental management field can evaluate water resources and the risk of desertification in areas. Another aim is to facilitate urban planning and obtaining seismic information for disaster prevention.