CommProve puts radio network quality firmly on the map

CommProve puts radio network quality firmly on the map


Dublin, 5 January 2007 – CommProve, the provider of mobile network radio Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring, has announced the commercial availability of a Geographic GUI (Graphical User Interface) for its globally proven Netledge Radio QoS systems. The Geographic GUI overlays vital radio QoS data on a map, enabling operators to immediately see the physical location of quality issues.

Netledge already provides the most detailed performance information available on the quality of the Radio Access Network (RAN) for 2G and 3G networks. Now, by displaying the performance measurements on a map, network planners and optimisers can gain rapid insight into the causes of problems as well as their location.

This enhancement to the RAN OSS simplifies and speeds up the identification of coverage and configuration problems that cause revenue loss, unnecessary capital investment and customer dissatisfaction.

Netledge Radio QoS systems capture performance data directly from the signalling used to set up and maintain calls and data services by every user, network-wide, 24 hours a day, creating ‘drive test’ data from every call. The new Geographic GUI addresses the challenge of how to present such a vast amount of data in a meaningful way.

The GeographicGUI, with maps overlaid with clear colour coding for a wide range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), enables 10s or 100s of cells’ performance to be understood at a glance. The maps, updated hourly, provide detailed and easy to read information showing how each KPI varies with distance from the antenna.

This enhanced GUI allows network experts to be more productive, and can enable a massive reduction in expensive and time consuming drive testing that would otherwise be needed. “For the first time, operators can instantly see the results of new frequency plans, adding new sites and other changes to the radio access network.” stated Robin Wheeler, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at CommProve. “Planning and optimisation departments can be overwhelmed by the volume of data they receive. With the Geographic GUI, 1000s of data points are presented in a way that requires almost no analysis.”

Netledge Geographic GUI is available for the following CommProve products: “Netledge Abis Radio QoS” for GSM networks, “Netledge 3G Radio QoS” for UMTS networks and “Netledge PS QoS” GPRS and 3G packet service performance monitoring.

– About CommProve
CommProve ( established in 1996, is a multinationalgroup with headquarters in Ireland, and offices in the UK, USA, Italy, Brazil and Spain. CommProve is a developer of network-wide 24×7 Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring for GSM, GPRS and UMTS networks. CommProve’s Netledge portfolio of OSS solutions helps operators identify areas of revenue loss due to unacceptable QoS. By ensuring optimal QoS, CommProve enables operators to increase customer satisfaction and implement new service introductions that will ultimately drive up revenue.