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Commercial licensing to be centralized in Doha

Commercial licensing of businesses is being centralised with a single-window system being set up at the Doha Ministry of Economy and Commerce.

The new system is being installed to cut red tape and improve efficiency so that businesses are not affected due to unwanted delays. Plans are afoot to depute employees from the various ministries to man the proposed single-window commercial licensing outlet at the economy ministry.

A decision in this regard is expected to be taken shortly between the civic and economy ministries. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture (MMAA) has also developed a GIS through which its concerned officials would be able to pinpoint the location of a business, which applies for a commercial licence. Renewals of these licences as well as inspection for health clearance would be conducted through the GIS system.

A similar efficient system is being developed to issue building licences. Extensive maps of plots of land with civic infrastructure in its vicinity like underground telephone cables and sewage would be available through GIS for quick reference and disposal of applications.