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Comabin and MultiTech collaborate to make LoRaWAN positioning affordable

US: The LoRaWAN standard, MultiTech’s Iot devices and Combain’s unique positioning services is now making LoRa® technology-enabled positioning cost-efficient and easy-to-use for a wider range of customers.

“We want to make the LoRaWAN positioning easy to use at an affordable price and at the same time improve accuracy,” says Rikard Windh, COO at Combain.

Combain and MultiTech are now collaborating to provide positioning services using existing infrastructure making more IoT business cases possible for existing and future customers.

“We are now publishing interfaces to our LoRa technology based hardware, allowing Combain to add positioning intelligence, and at the same time making LoRaWAN positioning interesting for a wider range of customers,” says David Smith, SVP of Engineering & Innovation at MultiTech .

By combining LoRaWAN with Wi-Fi positioning in the MultiTech hardware, it will now be possible to position LoRa technology-enabled devices in urban areas with an accuracy of 10-20 meters, including positioning of floor levels inside buildings. With traditional LoRaWAN positioning accuracy is around several hundred meters.

“It is crucial to improve accuracy, so users can find each and every positioned device without too much effort. That’s the way we will make the LoRaWAN positioning more attractive to more demanding professional users,” says Rikard Windh.

MultiTech and Combain will demo this unique Iot solution at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.