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Colombian National Mapping Agency implements ESRI/Lantm

ESRI announced that its Colombian distributor, Procalculo Prosis, has won a contract with the Geographical Institute Agustin Codazzi (IGAC) to replace its existing automated mapping and cadastre system. The new system is based on ESRI’s ArcGIS software and ArcCadastre, which was developed by Lantmäteriet, the national land survey agency for Sweden, with the help of ESRI. ArcCadastre is sold worldwide by ESRI distributors. The IGAC is Colombia’s national mapping and cadastral agency. It wanted to replace its existing INFOCAM system with a modern one that would provide a comprehensive GIS-based information management solution for the national cadastre. In the first phase of implementation, the new system will be installed in the IGAC headquarters in Bogotá as well as 47 of its local and regional offices.

ArcCadastre is a cadastre workflow management software system that is used for capturing, processing, maintaining, and using survey and cadastre information within the ESRI ArcGIS applications environment. It consists of a core ArcGIS software-based product and customer/country-specific extensions. The core product is the basic cadastral software that covers the majority of the functionality that is common to the cadastral workflow of different countries and customers. ArcCadastre is intended as a multipurpose tool for creating and maintaining geographic data with nonspatial data from other databases.

The ArcCadastre system is built from the core technology of ESRI’s ArcGIS desktop products and the ArcGIS Survey Analyst extension along with Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) data conversion software from Safe Software. ArcGIS Survey Analyst is a new extension to ArcGIS that includes tools that allow professional surveyors and GIS technicians to work together in an integrated system. Surveyors can use ArcGIS Survey Analyst to store and manage survey measurements collected in electronic or paper field books. GIS technicians can use survey measurements stored with ArcGIS Survey Analyst to incrementally improve their GIS data and evaluate the accuracy of features.