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Colombia to roll out trade census

Colombia: InfoComercio 2011, a trade census, will be held in five Colombian cities: Bogotá, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Medellin and Cali. This project worth COP 2,000 billion (COP: Colombian Peso) will yield georeferenced digital maps of 125 business categories in Colombia.

The census will be conducted by Servinformación, a Colombian GIS company. Surveyors will collect data on mobile devices equipped with GPS technology. It will allow them to locate the exact coordinates of each of the businesses or institutions. In this field study, 250 people are employed in 107,175 blocks.

According to this market assessment, business will improve the information they have on their market and distribution channels. In addition, companies that are part of this project may include their own questions to better understand the important details for their businesses. The information collected geographically will help target prospective clients, projections of consumption and demand and yield new business opportunities.

Like the earlier editions, in this fourth edition, employers and the general public can learn first-hand market trends and know which are the establishments and businesses that have evolved over recent years and are an important support in the national economy, local and regional levels.

Source: www.radiosantafe.com