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CollabNet extends SourceCast to Korea

July 15, 2002– CollabNet(TM), a provider of collaborative software development solutions, has announced an exclusive distribution partnership with Nextel-Korea. In addition to representing CollabNet in Korea, Nextel-Korea has also selected SourceCast(TM) to manage its entire software development practice. CollabNet also announced the availability of a Korean-language version of SourceCast, the leading application for Web-based collaborative software development.

Nextel-Korea is an IT solutions provider for major Asian telecommunications and financial services companies. Nextel-Korea delivers software and services for Geographical Information Systems (GIS), systems integration, collaborative product development, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.

Nextel-Korea’s internal development efforts focus on its Fugene Integration Framework (FIF), a framework that ties together data management, application management, and process management technologies to deliver customized solutions built from reusable business components. Nextel-Korea is using SourceCast for both its internal software development on FIF, as well as for software that is developed in conjunction with its partners and clients.

Nextel-Korea partnered with CollabNet to develop a version of SourceCast localized for the Korean market and continues to work with CollabNet to enhance the SourceCast environment. In addition to Korean language support, Nextel-Korea is also working to adapt SourceCast to meet additional requirements driven by the Korean market, such as user interface enhancements and management capabilities that reflect the business culture of the country.