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Cobourg hopes to improve emergency response

Cobourg council approved the grant application for geographic information system (GIS) technology funding for emergency management at its Tuesday, May 20 meeting. The $245,000 grant Cobourg will allow town departments to update and share information.
“It certainly allows for greater consistency throughout the Town of Cobourg,” said Councillor Dean McCaughey, coordinator of public works.
It would also let emergency workers access town information from the mobile command centre and help them make better decisions during an emergency, according to the staff report.
“If we had a disaster, like the Horizons fire, workers would be able to access site maps,” said Director of Public Works Steven Peacock. “Everything about the site would be accessible, down to where the sewers run.”
The project would create a Cobourg and area public safety atlas, building on the existing GIS capacity and letting emergency services throughout the county use the data.
To be considered for the federal funding the program needed support of council, which was unanimous.
“It’s a great opportunity for the town to access these funds,” said Mr. Peacock.