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Coalition of Geospatial Organisations selects leader for 2011

Maryland, US: The current Chair of the Coalition of Geospatial Organisations (COGO) announced today that the coalition has selected Geney Terry as the 2011 Coalition Chair. Curt Sumner, 2010 Chair of COGO and the Executive Director of the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping indicated that Terry’s selection was made by unanimous consent of the Coalition.

Terry was the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) COGO delegate for 2008 and 2009.  Her duties as Chair will commence on January 1, 2011. After the selection, she said, “As the Chair, I will work to increase the visibility of the Coalition and improve its recognition as a voice of consensus on issues facing the geospatial industry.  COGO’s members are organisations that represent various sectors of the geospatial industry with diverse agendas, each filling a niche for its own membership.”

Terry expressed that the challenge for COGO is to bring these organisations together in a forum that will allow for the coordination of broader policy positions and expressing a consensus of opinion and advocacy for issues that are important to all sectors of the geospatial industry, while at the same time not becoming a platform for the furtherance of any organisation’s, or group of organisations’, specific agenda(s).

Source: URISA