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CMC to sell ArcGIS Business Analyst

United States of America (Press Release) January 27, 2009 — DALLAS, TX – CMC International has been authorised to sell ESRI’s ArcGIS Business Analyst. ArcGIS Business Analyst, one of the products CMC offers in the ArcGIS line combines GIS technology with business, demographic, and consumer data all included with the product. By combining information such as sales data, demographics, and competitor locations with census boundaries, territories, and store locations, ArcGIS Business Analyst helps users better understand market, customers, and competition.

The latest release of ArcGIS Business Analyst, includes a set of general enhancements to the reports, analysis, trade area, and territory design tools. These applications will fulfill the analysis requirements of businesses, organizations, and government agencies of all sizes that must provide solid answers to location-related site selection and marketing questions. Other improvements include streamlined software installation and better documentation.

ArcGIS Business Analyst is a suite of GIS-enabled tools, wizards, and data that provides professionals with a complete solution for solving common business problems. Users are able to run simple reports, map the results, and perform complex probability models using a single affordable desktop analysis solution. Data and analyses produced with ArcGIS Business Analyst can be shared across departments, reducing redundant research and marketing efforts, speeding analysis results, and increasing employee efficiency.